"A penny saved is a penny earned. "

           ~ Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin said it best in the quote above. Sometimes there are circumstances that hinder our ability to increase our income and we must find other ways to adapt in order to survive. Limited resources may affect the situation more and cause a strain on you and your family.

We offer a solution. Our program is developed and run by trained and licensed educators that work with you to gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in saving your family thousands of dollars annually. Our program also offers trained mentors to provide you with the support and guidance on your journey to saving. We are here for you to succeed in this venture. For more information on our program, visit us here...

Classes are 100% FREE!

Pass It On, Inc. accepts donations for programs & services to help families in need. We ask that you #passiton for the service we give to you. Please consider sharing a small portion of your stock, saved pennies, etc. with us so that we may continue to help others.



Family Savings
4states require financial education by graduation
35%household income spent on personal care & household items
20%of shoppers find coupon policies confusing
9.3 weeksaverage expiration
$100,000average annual income of coupon users
$800 milliontotal discounts with coupons in 2012




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