Donation to Lexington Police Dept. 2016

Police Donation 2016 Winter


Along with chap stick donations from the community, our expert couponers have found some amazing deals on hand warmers and toe warmers during off season sales and saved them for a donation to the Lexington Police Department this Winter.

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Why would the police need hand warmers, chap sticks, and hand sanitizer?

According to Lieutenant Raymond Roller of the Bureau of Patrol (Lexington Police Department), the warmers are greatly appreciated and will be used out on patrol, especially for homeless that they encounter while on the job. Another officer mentioned the hand sanitizer as an important part of his daily routine on the job.


We are a community of many businesses, non-profits, and families that are protected daily by the brave men and women of our police force. Please remember that although they collect donations to help our community, they also spend hours out in the cold this Winter helping to keep us safe!

If you have any suggestions for the police officers or other community leaders needs, please contact us. We are constantly looking for opportunities to help the community in unique ways.

Please consider donating money or items from our WISH LISTto help fund our programs. All donations qualify for 501(c)3 tax deductible status under the IRS Publication 526.

Click below to make a cash contribution or contact Kimberly Boyd at (859) 559-5594 to make a product donation