Since 2016, Pass It On Inc. has donated over $367,000 worth of product to a variety of people for as little as $1,629 of funding. The chart below shows the expenses for each program for the impact to the community.


Our top priority is on providing professional, supportive financial education for every person, regardless of ability to pay.


It is our goal to provide children of low-income families with the proper age-appropriate supplies to begin their journey into a new school year. Our program also provides families with resources and information on finding future school needs at costs up to 90% off retail.


Our expertise in purchasing name brand products at 50% to 100% off retail cost gives us the ability to provide low-income families with personal care and household supplies needed to maintain a healthy, happy household. Families are also provided baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, formula, and other necessities, based on individual needs. Pass It On Inc. believes that all families have the ability to learn from our experts and are encouraged to attend our education program if they participate in a low-income based acceptance service.


We focus our efforts on providing filled purses containing personal items for women who are choosing to make major life changes. Many women are seeking independence from an abusive relationship, facing divorce, or single moms. We then educate these women on financial related issues to help further their transition and better their lives.


Our goal is to utilize every resource to the advantage of helping others reach their financial potential. Members of the coupon community trust and rely on sharing their coupons with the community by donating unused coupons. It's our goal to share unexpired coupons with our clients and then ship the remaining expired coupons to the military bases overseas, where families can redeem them up to 6 months past expiration.


We understand that savings can be found in every aspect of the community and take advantage of every opportunity to help community leaders. We believe that cooperation among leaders and collaboration on similar goals leads to a better community overall. We collaborate with other non-profits, businesses, and religious organizations in order to reach a larger number of need.