Pass It On Inc. is dedicated to the improving health, happiness, and life through professional financial education and couponology. Every person, regardless of economic status can benefit from financial knowledge.


Integrity - We value being honest and forthcoming to our clients and providing families with ethical ways to save money.

Our education courses are researched, assessed regularly, and professionally developed and taught to ensure the most successful financial improvement for everyone.

Professionalism - We value our volunteers and staff having the qualities, skills, and background to provide families with professional interactions and information.

Our instructors and volunteers are carefully trained and encouraged to continue building on strengths and improving weaknesses for greater success.

Responsibility - We value our team to be responsible for upholding the Mission and values of the corporation.

All volunteers are part of a team who collaborate on projects, share ideas, and combine individual knowledge and expertise to ensure the organization succeeds in financial improvements.

Great Stewardship - We value making the community a better place for all members by using our resources wisely and efficiently.

We research and send daily reminders to the community about available resources while working with the resources ourself to expand our improvement reach.
Pass It On