Pick up the Sunday newspaper and look for the RedPlum, SmartSource, and/or P&G inserts. Each insert will offer a different set of coupons and won't be offered every week. To know what inserts are coming this Sunday, check with our insert schedule.


Printable coupons offer a quick and easy way for manufactures to get their product noticed and for you to find coupons you need. There are many sites that have high value coupons that may or may not be offered in your local paper. Most sites limit the number of prints allowed for each coupon on your computer or device.


Many stores offer membership rewards for being a cardholder, usually in the form of discount prices and rewards. Some stores also have online accounts where you are able to activate (or load) coupons to your account. After scanning your card at checkout and scanning the qualifying product, you will receieve the coupon discount off your total.

In-Store Coupons

There are a few types of coupons you may find in stores. Keep your eye out for the following:

  • peelies - a sticker or hang tab that is attached to a product
  • in-ad - printed coupons in the store ad
  • blinkies - the little black box hanging in an isle that usually "blinks" a red light and dispenses coupons 1 at a time

Text Coupons

Text messaging has become a way to receive coupons instantly and/or regularly. There are many stores that have multiple text codes to receive the most up to date coupons directly to your phone to use online or in store.


Rebate Apps

Technology has advanced the speed of receiving rewards and rebates. There are many app options available that require you to scan product barcodes and upload receipts after purchasing qualifying products. Link your Paypal, bank account, or choose a gift card to redeem your cash back.

Mail in Rebates

Rebates are found on products and online that require you to fill in a form, attach the UPC label, and include your receipt for mailing to the company to receive some or all of your money back. These take longer than technology rebates.

Online Rebates

Many times, you may find rebates that can be submitted online to make things quicker and easier than mail in rebates. The company may advertise ordering online and submitting the rebate immediately after purchase or you may see a link on rebates to submit all information online.

Text Rebates

Sending and receiving texts is the newest and quickest way to send rebate information with an immediate response. Some rebates will require you to text a picture of your receipt as proof of purchase and you will receieve a code almost instantly with a link to redeem a gift card. These are usually rebates in the form of a printable store gift card (or eGift card) when you purchase qualifying products from the store providing the rebate.





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