Load2Card Coupons

What are Load2Card coupons?

Load2Card coupons are exactly what they say they are. They are coupons that are loaded to your card or, in some cases, your store online account. Many stores are now giving their card holders or members of their loyalty accounts access to virtual coupons to use when shopping in their store. You, as a member, simply "clip" your virtual coupon and will receive your coupon discount on participating items at checkout when using your account phone number or scan your card. This reduces the need for clipping, carrying, and forgetting your coupons.

    There are a few rules that MOST virtual coupons follow (unless stated otherwise), including:
  • They are usually manufacture coupons and cannot be stacked with paper coupons
  • They can only be used 1 time for the amount of products stated
  • They exclude trial/travel sizes found in the travel sections of the store
  • The product size, quantity, and brand must match the coupon wording or it will not discount at the register

The following stores have a FREE member card or account access that offers load2card coupons.

*indicates programs with physical cards to use in store. If you sign up in store, you will be given a card immediately to use and can link your card online for full access to the load2card options.

Grocery Stores


Join Kroger's digital coupons and add manufacture coupons to your account. Keep an eye out for FREE FRIDAY DOWNLOADS (on Fridays ONLY) to add a coupon for a free item of the week. You will have a couple weeks to redeem this coupon, but make sure to load it on Friday. Some digital coupons also allow you to use up to 5 times in a single transaction. Keep your eye out for a blue box that states "up to 5 times."


Join the rewards called MPerks online and load manufacture and some store coupons to your account. Use your phone number at checkout to redeem your discounts on the participating products. Meijer offers free product coupons, including free prints through the photo center randomly in your account. Keep checking back.


*Rite Aid

Join the rewards program called Plenti and link your online account. Then log in to your Rite Aid account to load manufacture coupons to your card.


Join the rewards program called Balance Rewards and load coupons to your card. There are a variety of manufacture AND store coupons among the digital coupons so be sure to check the type of coupon you are clipping to your account.


Join the rewards program to receive Extra Care Buck rewards and load personalized coupons to your card. CVS load2card coupons are geared towards your personal spending and, unlike the other stores, are considered store coupons exclusive for CVS. These coupons can be stacked and used with paper (manufacture) coupons.

Dollar Stores

Dollar General

Join the coupon program by signing up online and using your phone number at checkout in the store. Most Dollar General digital coupons are manufacture coupons, but there may be a few store coupons amongst them.